Priority Member Itrademarket Priority 4th Year

Company Brief

Purnama is a genuine trade mark for school uniforms by PT Erratisa Purnama. We provide school uniforms for TK, SD, SMP, SMA completely, using Standar Nasional Indonesia ( SNI) and high quality fabrics, yet with affordable prices. Moreover, Busana Muslim for kids and uniforms for KORPRI, PGRI, and PNS are available in our products. Since many imitated products using PURNAMA brand in the market, we changed our label to green label, which now is a.k.a Purnama " Green Label " . So, beware of buying the ' low-quality' imitations.
We serve wholesale and retail.

Feel free to contact us and make order here :
( 031) 7498431, 7498432, 52403926
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